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Cold Storage of Alicante: Long Life to your Goods

Cold Storage of Alicante: Long Life to your Goods

30 of December of 2016 Logistics A.M. Thanks for sharing:

The preservation of food is a very sensitive issue. Products such as vegetables or fruits must be preserved strictly, taking into account the necessary conditions, otherwise goods could be damaged and the arrival to the end consumer would be unfeasible .
In Antonio Marco we strive to give the best service to our customers using cold rooms to keep their products in perfect conditions.

Cold Storages for conservation.
The cold room are storage units with a controlled temperature, according to the product that should be conserved. Regarding controlled temperature, we refer to keep the products at specific and constant temperature depending on their characteristics, because each product is different.

We remember that a good control of the temperature avoids the proliferation of organisms that cause the damage of the products.

The importance of the temperature.

It is important to keep in mind that refrigeration is different from freezing.

With the first, we work with temperatures above zero degrees, while with the second we handle temperatures below zero degrees, although both have the same goal, that is, to prolong the life of product.

Keeping the products in a slightly temperature above zero degrees in cold rooms, allow the water of flowers, fruits and vegetables to remain in a liquid state, which means a regression of the degradation process.

Conservation according to the product.

Foods and / or products should not be mixed in refrigerators, each product should be stored in different units since each need a different temperature and moisture, for their preservation.

Hygiene is another key piece.

In Antonio Marco there are 7 cold storages with a capacity of more than 8,500 cubic meters available for the preservation of their merchandise.

Our staff carry out the cleaning and the hygiene of our units to avoid the proliferation of microorganisms. In addition they are in charge controlling temperature and the application of other technologies to maintain the relative humidity.

It is important to have a proper maintenance, as well as not to mix the products in the same room, because the goods can be damaged.

Our objetive to preserve the quality and freshness of the product.

The creation of cold rooms has been a real relief for the food industry (producers, warehouses, supermarkets and distribution centers), because it allows to preserve the food from the moment of its harvest until its consumption. Our customers manage their stocks to place it in the market especially when demand does not exceed the supply.

If the goods are not kept in optimum conditions, the customer will have nothing to offer. We take care of advising our clients with the greatest disposition of the temperatures and other conditions to lengthen the life of the goods and we will fulfill all the requirements demanded

Antonio Marco is the great ally for all those food producers who seek to keep their goods in ideal conditions. The quality of your goo  will be guaranteed.




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