Logistics Warehouse

The logistics warehouse is the place where the following actions take place: reception, handling, location, storage, maintenance and management of the stored goods. The variety of products for storage is very wide; from foodstuffs to household appliances. At Antonio Marco we focus on the management of perishable goods in their three states: dry, cold and frozen.

The location and conservation of goods varies depending on the product to be stored, as each has its own storage needs. The logistics warehouse plays a fundamental role in the proper functioning of the supply chain. Nestled between the production and distribution processes, it allows us to add value to our customers’ logistics, with the aim of optimising costs and improving the service offered to the end customer.


Characteristics of a logistics warehouse

Logistics warehouses require a series of specifications in order to fulfil this function:

  1. Obtaining the certificate of activities for storage as well as a sanitary registration that guarantees the storage in the facilities of food for human consumption, this is step 0.
  2. Once here we find different needs that our clients may require, such as IFS certification, in which we are pioneers in our region, possessing one of the highest scores.
  3. In the case of cold storage, a good cooling system with the necessary characteristics to offer a homogenised temperature to the product.
  4. Evaporators and air renewal systems.
  5. Cleanliness and airtightness in areas requiring low temperatures with delicate products such as stone fruit or dairy products.
  6. Loading docks
  7. Zonal temperature controls for the entire warehouse, traceability is a plus for our customers.