Reconditioning and delivery rejects

What is pallet reconditioning?

This service includes the revision before the construction of the new pallet to meet the quality standards of the end customer, the buyer of the goods. Logistics warehouses, as a rule, are located in industrial estates and close to the large reception and distribution platforms of supermarket chains.

At Antonio Marco we are sharing industrial land with chains such as ALDI or Mercadona, which means that this type of service gains value due to our proximity and knowledge of these platforms, making distribution quite simple. As long as AM has been able to recondition the goods.

What is the delivery of rejects or second deliveries?

If it is important is the speed at the time of budgeting, counting the complexity because often you do not know how you find all the state of the goods, although our beach focused on loading and unloading helps us a lot to facilitate the work.

Subsequently, once we have the quotation validated by our client, we get down to work. We can remake anything from a pallet of juices or water to a pallet of leeks or preserves. Finally, the key moment arrives, handing over to the customer, the best thermometer to see if AM has done its job well.

Why are these services all necessary?

Advantages of performing overhaul-reconditioning and delivery of rejects, it allows for a wider range of services that complement very well with warehousing and distribution. Logistics land use needs to be efficient as costs continue to soar, logistics land is intractable at the end of 2021.

With the growth of home delivery in fresh produce, logistics operators that are able to cover all of this, in the agri-food sector, will automatically become even more essential to their customers.

Main advantages

  1. Guarantee safe delivery of rejected goods, as long as it is due to the packaging or pallet structure. And not to the quality of the goods themselves, this AM cannot solve
  2. Traceability of anything less than a unit, AM takes inventory on rebuilds to see what shrinkage may occur.
  3. Disregard of the delivery to the customer.
  4. Positive impact for the work that allows the specialisation of the staff.
  5. Satisfaction of the end customer: in less than X hours he has the product back on his platform, a product that in the best of cases he would not have it.

All the advantages of these two services

If you are looking for a warehouse, the company Antonio Marco can help you to manage all your needs in terms of management, control and revision of your goods without any problem.

As already mentioned, Antonio Marco as a company serves us to meet the needs of our customers, over the years have been changing, reinvent yourself or die, in Antonio Marco we keep reinventing ourselves.


The peculiarity that makes this type of service particularly popular in the food sector is that it allows you to benefit from a lean logistics model, a system that profoundly transforms the logic that normally governs the warehouse.

The requirements for the correct functioning of the logistics warehouse are also the foundations of the system itself, without which it would be impossible to benefit from a truly virtuous process:

  1. First and foremost, a customer-friendly facility equipped with all the materials you may need, not only for rebuilding or reassembling the pallet, but also for the correct reconstruction of the goods, from corner protectors to film.
  2. Finally, a WMS that allows real-time stock management. Management of incoming and outgoing goods using RFID / barcodes, as well as a human capital capable of quickly managing this type of problems that arise if they are not resolved with the speed required by the customer in question.

Antonio Marco to offer an optimal service

For almost all goods that require a cost-effective solution, provided the customer:

  1. Are clear about what they want to do with the goods? Return to origin? Rebuild and deliver? Call in a claims management surveyor?
  2. It allows the customer to generate security in terms of possible problems on the unloading platform. AM is the logistics partner that certifies and assures this reconditioning, without breaking traceability, as well as delivering on time.
  3. To have all the information; we need to know the source of the problem.