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What are spices? Spices are those hard parts, usually coming from the seeds or barks of plants, with aromatic properties. Most of the spices that we use in our daily life are originally from Asia and its tropical regions, however, there are well known cases of spices from the Mediterranean area, such as anise or

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At Antonio Marco we can help you with the storage, transportation and preservation of carrots. This is one of the most cultivated vegetables worldwide, and it is said to come from Asia. We are talking about a vegetable widely known worldwide for the great diversity of uses it has and for its high vitamin content.

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International dock

Intermodal freight transport & its roots

What is intermodal transport? Intermodal transport is the movement of goods or passengers from one mode of transport to another, usually by transhipment at a specific terminal. In the image above, we can see that intermodality is divided into four main functions: Composition (first mile) Connection (transfer) Interchange Decomposition (last mile) How did intermodal transport

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Antonio Marco was in Fruit Attraction 2021

After the complexity suffered due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the fruit and vegetable sector was in luck thanks to Madrid and its Fruit Attraction fair. The congress was a complete success: more than 95,000 professional participants, more than 140 countries present, and a great range of companies from the entire supply chain. Antonio

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Pomegranate: storage and transport

The pomegranate is an infructescence fruit of a tree called pomegranate tree that grows up to five metres high of the Punicaceae family. Its habitat extends from Iran to the Himalayas. It spread through East Asia via tropical Africa; then, it was introduced by settlers in South America and Australia by the fifteenth century. Nowadays,

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Transport companies on the edge

For some months now, we have heard a lot about the rising cost of certain materials, price increases due to the shortage of certain raw materials and their transport. How does the shortage of materials affect us as freight forwarders? We are approaching dates where the delivery of new assets is ubiquitous due to the

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