Fruit Attraction

Fruit Attraction is the event chosen by all agents in the fruit and vegetable sector to present their products and annual news worldwide. It is an internationally avant-garde fair that hosts the “Innovation Hub Awards” fundamental for the commitment of entrepreneurial companies within the sector.

Fruit Attraction Origins and 2021 Analysis

Back in 2008, IFEMA (Madrid Trade Fair Institutional Consortium) and FEPEX (Spanish Federation of Fruit and Vegetable Export Producer Associations) took the magnificent initiative of launching Fruit Attraction, a fair focused on connecting and promoting agents of the fruit and vegetable sector, citing them in the middle of the second annual semester.

With a last year in which attendance was somewhat lower than normal, although with higher expectations than expected due to the crisis situation, the public and the coexistence with it was spectacular and even exceeded forecasts.

The complete supply chain that encompasses “fresh” was and is ready to meet again with its professionals and once again produce synergies with which to add growth… All of this made the event a complete success: collaboration between professionals, contact with new clients and formulation of new courses of action, all with the aim of reinforcing an essential sector such as logistics, especially that of fresh food, necessary in practically all the daily aspects of the day-to-day life of all of us.

What is Fruit Attraction?

Fruit attraction is divided into two areas: the Fresh Produce Area and the Auxiliary Industry Area. Both need to live together yes or yes. What would Antonio Marco do without his clients? What about our clients without the distribution, storage and cross-docking services that Antonio Marco provides to his clients? This event has been, is, and will continue to be a key instrument to continue creating synergies between both industries and, in turn, connect the entire supply chain.

Fruit Attraction has become an international benchmark and also an essential annual event where the leading companies in the sector can exchange impressions and build an ambitious and sustainable future.

What sectors comprise the two areas?

In the Fresh Produce area we find: Fresh fruits, Fresh vegetables, Aromatic herbs and spices, IV and V Range, nuts hub, Ecorganic market, Processed products, Organizations and Associations, Nurseries.

In the Auxiliary Industry area we can visit those essential agents for the proper development of the entire chain: Seeds, Fertilizers-Agronutrients and Phytosanitary Products, Preharvest, TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS, Packaging and Labeling, Postharvest, Smart Agro, Point of Sale, Services and Biotech.

The importance of cold logistics

The refrigeration industry is experiencing an accelerated change in regulations and the new quality standards force companies in the sector to update their protocols, but also to update their equipment and methodology to meet the requirements that the sector itself demands. That is why collaboration between companies and the reinforcement of trust between company-client are becoming more and more necessary to achieve objectives.

With this premise, being a professional in the sector implies attending this meeting: In addition to a magnificent showcase for the fruit and vegetable sector, Fruit Attraction also represents a space for training and knowledge where the latest innovations from cutting-edge companies are discussed. There is an extensive program of conferences and events characterized by its high level of participants and speakers who value their innovative practices and knowledge.

Antonio Marco will be present

We have been waiting weeks for the long-awaited and important event that “Fruit Attraction” represents for us as a company dedicated to the sector.

Last year 2021 brought great uncertainty with the doubts generated by Covid-19

Faced with everything, Antonio Marco was able to be present at the 2021 edition, connecting again face to face with his clients, suppliers, and professional collaborators.

With a last year in which attendance was somewhat lower compared to the 2019 edition, although all expectations were far exceeded. The public and the coexistence with it was spectacular.

The entire supply chain that encompasses “fresco” was and is prepared to meet again with all its professionals, to once again produce all those synergies with which to add growth.

Antonio Marco, as one of the companies focused on the fruit and vegetable logistics sector, must be and will be with the illusion of fulfilling a busy schedule full of visits to clients, exchange of opinions with collaborators, seeing new trends, but above all carrying out a learning experience as in each edition.

A whole bath of reality with large doses of learning and above all a lot of enthusiasm for everything that is to come…

See you at Fruit Attraction 2022.