Antonio Marco was in Fruit Attraction 2021

After the complexity suffered due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the fruit and vegetable sector was in luck thanks to Madrid and its Fruit Attraction fair. The congress was a complete success: more than 95,000 professional participants, more than 140 countries present, and a great range of companies from the entire supply chain.

Antonio Marco met again with many of his international clients, and we were delighted to share our concerns and news in a city that we love. Concerning our sector, many things were discussed, among them: the almost total reopening of all European countries, the comparison with the 2019 campaign and not with 2020, we are on the starting ramp, and it should be more similar to that of yesteryear, and an endless number of current issues, such as the effect of stock breakages on the manufacture and start-up of new vehicles for the campaign.

We had the pleasure of establishing new contacts from many different places, where we were able to observe how the cross-docking and warehousing service will continue to bring added value to logistics companies. Cross-docking companies will be able to offer this extra service to all their customers with complex cargo consolidation needs and cost reductions. In terms of storage and the use of cold storage, more and more importers are finding it necessary to rely on this type of service to extend the shelf life of their products and to be able to negotiate with end buyers on a more solid basis. Antonio Marco is clear that we will continue to support these logistics services.

To conclude, it was a tremendous success for Antonio Marco. We look forward to continuing to participate in this great fair, and above all, congratulations to all those brave companies that took a step forward to exhibit at the fair, BRAVO.