Inland freight to the United Kingdom

Inland freight to the United Kingdom

Inland freight to the United Kingdom

From Antonio Marco we want to inform you about our service of land transport of goods to the UK both in dry and refrigerated goods, everything you need to take your products to the UK with professionalism and guarantee.

Since 2021 United Kingdom ceased to be part of the EU, therefore, the agreements for the transport of goods between European countries have changed a little. According to different media, it has been reported that goods transported from the UK to one of the EU member states must pass through certain security mechanisms.

Road transport in the UK is still one of the best options, however, it is necessary to comply with the rules established for both incoming and outgoing goods. Below, you will find a little more information about this and the many services that Antonio Marco has to offer you.

The UK’s new inland freight measures

The UK's new inland freight measures

The UK’s new inland freight measures

As part of the regulations imposed since the UK’s exit from the EU, all security information relating to goods being transported to or from any of the EU nations must be provided to customs in those countries.

In addition, all documentation must be kept current and you must hold a passport belonging to one of the EU, Swiss or European Economic Area countries. Failure to do so will result in the goods not being allowed access to the country concerned.

On the other hand, any import from the EU to the UK must be registered with the “Goods Vehicle Movement Service” (GVMS), this will be necessary in order to be able to carry out the corresponding checks at any of the customs offices in those countries.

From a logistical point of view, the whole procedure is a little more tedious due to the amount of customs formalities that need to be passed, therefore, you as a customer need to be aware of all these necessities in order to deal with any complications along the way.

Important services during overland transport UK

Whether it is from an EU country to the UK or vice versa, it is necessary to cover certain essential services in order to achieve an optimal and timely transfer from the beginning. Among the most relevant ones you will find:

Customs services

As a company, they will always have more knowledge about the necessary customs services and how to carry them out, therefore, in most cases they are the ones in charge of all the corresponding procedures.

Their mission is to facilitate the procedures related to the import or export of goods in compliance with each of the regulations established by the different countries.

Transport adapted to the type of goods

You will have at your disposal special means of land transport for dry products as well as for those that require refrigeration and a constant temperature to avoid damage during transport. You can find this service with Antonio Marco.

Continuous advice on the state of the products

From the moment you make the agreement with the company to carry out the transport of the goods, you will begin to enjoy totally personalised and professional advice regarding the state of the transport. In other words, you will be aware of any inconvenience encountered along the way. If you are looking for a company to transport goods to UK from Antonio Marco we can help you in everything.