Land transport France

Antonio Marco would like to inform you about our land transport service to France for both dry and refrigerated goods, everything you need to take your products to France with professionalism and guarantee.

Land transport France is a very popular mechanism for importing or exporting with other European countries. It is a good solution for small companies that want to save a little on shipping services, and it will also allow them to have a more competitive price with the competition.

For this task Antonio Marco is a company with the experience and quality indicated, it will be able to carry out the shipments in the stipulated time and taking care of the corresponding security measures at all times. You have possibilities for companies in the food, construction, pharmaceutical and other sectors.

Types of transport available with Antonio Marco

Why prefer land transport France?

Why prefer land transport France?

Antonio Marco is a company with more than 50 years in the international land transport sector, with all the security measures, variety of services and vehicles adapted to the needs of each client. In this sense, you can choose between three different types of transport:

Cold goods transport

You will need it if you work with perishable products that need to maintain a cold chain to preserve their quality and characteristics, such as fruit, vegetables, products from the confectionery and chocolate industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, flowers and certain species of live animals.

To ensure that it will arrive in excellent condition at its final destination, before being transported it must go through a special packaging process and pre-cooling, which will guarantee that everything will remain fresh and in the best possible condition during the road trip.

Transport of frozen goods

In this case, it is a transport specially equipped to transport foodstuffs such as meat, ice cream, fish, also, it is popularly used for vaccines or medicines that require negative temperatures to be preserved correctly.

To achieve the best results, the vehicle has a special installation of cooling equipment that can be regulated by professionals according to the needs of the goods. Commonly, this regulation is done before leaving the depot and is not manipulated during the entire journey.

Transport of dry goods

It is popularly recognised for transporting construction materials, furniture, non-perishable foodstuffs, among others. Basically, it is for all goods that do not require a specific temperature to remain in good condition.

Likewise, it usually has special facilities to preserve the condition of all transported products. The use of the elements will depend on the needs of the goods or the state of the weather while the vehicle is travelling on the roads.

Why choose road transport in France?

As well as being more affordable, it offers many advantages over other options, for a start, all goods can be delivered directly to their destination. Therefore, the owners of the goods will not need to hire extra transport to pick them up at the ports.

This is also beneficial in terms of unloading, as the trucks in charge of the transfers are the ideal size to enter the destination warehouses and allow for quicker and easier unloading. Generally, it is not necessary to hire extra staff because those available at the destination companies will be sufficient for the job.