Land transport Germany

From Antonio Marco we would like to inform you about our land transport service to Germany, both in dry and refrigerated goods, everything you need to take your products to Germany with professionalism and guarantee.

Land transport in Germany is popularly used for imports, often working along the entire Mediterranean strip in order to offer a higher quality and more comprehensive service. It is one of the most frequently used means of transport, especially in the food sector. In order to transport goods, it is essential to comply with the country’s regulations.

To this end, it is important to keep up to date with changes in labour and transport legislation, so that all imports and exports are carried out within the legal framework established in each country and any inconvenience can be avoided.

Land transport from Germany and its trade relations with Spain

Benefits of transport Germany with Antonio Marco

Benefits of transport Germany with Antonio Marco

Despite receiving goods from other countries, trade relations with Spain are the most common because they are usually related to fuels, oils, some vehicle parts and food products such as the well-known “gourmet” products.

In order to transport any of the aforementioned goods, it is necessary to follow a series of conditions and rules, first of all, it is necessary to request all the corresponding permits to enter each product into the country of destination.

In addition, German regulations are very explicit about the type of products that can be marketed in the country and the correct means of entry and handling. All this must be assessed before proceeding with the transport, otherwise problems may arise during the transport.

Essential requirements for the inland transport of goods in Germany

If drivers are hired from a company in another country, they must be registered prior to travelling in Germany. For this purpose, official forms must be filled out and all the driver’s information and the estimated time of stay in the country while providing the service must be stipulated.

Also, all goods must be checked beforehand to ensure that they do not contain any illegal or dangerous substances, and if you need to transport sensitive goods, you must notify in advance in order to contract the transport and the appropriate professionals to handle them.

The secret to comply with all the requirements and avoid any unnecessary penalties is to hire a company with specialised services and knowledge of the regulations of both Germany and the destination countries.

Benefits of transport Germany with Antonio Marco

A company with more than 50 years of service in the sector of land transport to different European countries, you will have special transports for dry goods or with refrigerated chambers in case you need to transport foodstuffs.

The greatest benefit you will find is the wide experience and the quality of the professionals in charge of your goods, you can be sure that everything will arrive in excellent condition and all safety measures will be used throughout the journey. Among its advantages you will find:

  • All the professionals in charge of the goods know perfectly well the rules of goods transport.
  • You will find good budgets, adjusting to your needs.
  • All means of land transport are perfectly equipped with the necessary elements.
  • You will be able to establish real delivery periods, trying to comply at all times with the agreed days.