Land transport Italy

Antonio Marco would like to inform you about our land transport service to Italy for both dry and refrigerated goods, everything you need to take your products to Italy with professionalism and guarantee.

Land transport in Italy is one of the most demanded when it comes to exporting and importing goods between different countries in the Mediterranean area. For this reason, the company Antonio Marco is dedicated to offering you the best services and is able to adjust to your needs.

Among the things that you can transport from or to different European countries by land are: machinery, raw materials, food, furniture and construction materials.

Operation of land transport Italy

Land transport operation Italy

Land transport operation Italy

Italy is known as one of the markets with the greatest opportunities for Spanish companies. One of its great benefits is its geographical position due to its proximity to the Balkan and other Mediterranean countries, through which they have new access and potential market opportunities every day.

Everything mentioned above is well known by the companies in charge of imports and exports in this country, therefore, they seek to offer the best services with the speed and economy you require.

One of the important points is the logistic chain, that is to say, each of the necessary procedures so that the merchandise arrives without any inconvenience to its destination and within the deadlines established from the beginning.

From Antonio Marco you can make your shipments from any nearby country to Italy or vice versa, making sure that everything will arrive in perfect conditions and during the whole journey the security measures indicated in accordance with the products transported will be maintained.

Do you need refrigerated transport? You can find it here too

One of the first questions asked by professionals will be the type of transport needed, this could be dry or refrigerated. The second option consists of a special vehicle equipped with temperature control.

Generally, this is necessary when transporting foodstuffs that require specific temperatures to be controlled. The refrigeration system must be of good quality to avoid any inconvenience during the transport of the goods.

In this way, the cold chain will be respected at all times, certainly, it is a means of land transport a little more expensive than conventional ones, however, it will be the best to ensure the quality of your products.

Advantages of hiring Antonio Marco for your transport Italy

The mission of a good export or import is to find a quality service capable of guaranteeing the quality of the shipments at all times. In this sense, with Antonio Marco you will have benefits such as:

  • They respect transit times, i.e. you can be sure that the goods will arrive within the deadline set by the company.
  • You can opt for door-to-door transport.
  • They monitor the transport at all times, making sure that everything arrives in excellent condition and that there are no unforeseen incidents on the roads.
  • They have good budgets adjusted to your needs and possibilities.
  • They make the best use of the cargo space so that everything goes in the right places.

You will enjoy a high quality service and constant advice from the professionals in charge of your transport.