Land transport Slovakia

From Antonio Marco we would like to inform you about our land transport service to Slovakia both in dry and refrigerated goods, everything you need to take your products to Slovakia with professionalism and guarantee.

Land transport from or to Slovakia is quite common in terms of import and export, there are multiple products that are often transported to the country for marketing. With Antonio Marco you will have high quality services and ample security in all your transfers.

The initial vision is to offer you different options for the care of your products and to adjust the budgets to your needs in order to allow you to transport all the necessary goods in the best way. You will enjoy trucks for dry, cold or frozen shipments, basically, you will be able to send or receive almost anything.

Why choose Antonio Marco for Slovakia transport?

To begin with, it is a company with more than 50 years of service in the field of land transport from Spain to different European countries and vice versa. Therefore, they are experts in terms of the regulations and procedures indicated for each task.

Their main mission is to offer quality services to all clients, so that they will have professional advice on each step of the transport and a service of the quality required for this type of trade.

The transport to or from Slovakia will have the security and care required according to the type of products you are working with. Their drivers know very well the different roads and the dangers of each section and how to avoid them, therefore, accidents are very rare. From Antonio Marco we can help you in your land transport of goods Slovakia with all the guarantees for you.

If you want to check the quality of the services you could ask for the corresponding certifications that accredit them as a formal company for the transfer of goods, knowing also the products they can work with and those that they should not handle.

Type of land transport Slovakia available in Antonio Marco

Why Antonio Marco for Slovakia's transport?

Why Antonio Marco for Slovakia’s transport?

In order to offer a complete and useful service to different clients regardless of the sector they are targeting, Antonio Marco has three different types of land transports:

Transport of cold goods

This is indicated when working with perishable products whose organoleptic quality is to be maintained, such as fruit, vegetables, any product related to the confectionery and chocolate industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, flowers and certain species of animals.

Before being transported, the goods are stored in a special packing and pre-cooling room, which guarantees that they will maintain the indicated temperature throughout their journey and that all the products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Dry freight transport

Also known as general cargo transport, it is suitable for multiple products such as non-perishable foodstuffs, consumer goods such as electrical appliances and home furnishings, industrial materials, bulk cargo such as sand, minerals, among others.

It is generally used when it is not required to maintain an exact temperature to prevent damage to the goods, however, it has special systems to regulate the temperature if necessary.

Transport of frozen goods

As you can imagine, it is indicated when transporting products such as meat, ice cream, fish, vaccines or medicines that require negative temperatures to preserve them correctly.

It is a specific transport in which special cooling equipment has been installed that can be adjusted when necessary, however, it is normally adjusted before leaving for its destination and does not allow it to be manipulated until it reaches the place of unloading.