Land transport Switzerland

From Antonio Marco we would like to inform you about our land transport service to Switzerland, both in dry and refrigerated goods, everything you need to take your products to Switzerland with professionalism and guarantee.

Road transport in Switzerland is another of its many benefits, the country is widely recognised for its quality of life and the opportunities it has to offer commercially to importers and exporters. The secret is to find a good company to transport the goods, such as Antonio Marco.

Although they want to avoid some transport in order to maintain their environment, there are still many possibilities to transport products between their neighbouring countries. It is an interesting region mainly for those interested in the chemical industry, precision machinery, foodstuffs and watchmaking.

Inland freight transport in Switzerland with Antonio Marco

Inland freight transport in Switzerland with Antonio Marco

Inland freight transport in Switzerland with Antonio Marco

It is a company that recognises how the transport of goods is the main engine of the economy of most countries in the world. The possibilities for moving goods from one place to another are growing every day, with a choice of road, rail, ship or air.

Despite the fact that maritime transport has taken over many areas due to its capacity to move large volumes of goods, land transport is still widely used in Spain and has good relations with Swiss exporters and importers.

In this sense, in Antonio Marco you will find excellent options of trucks to take or bring your goods from Switzerland. They have all the security systems to avoid mishaps on the roads and ensure that all products arrive at their destination in good condition.

They also have vehicles specialised in transporting dry, cold or frozen goods, i.e., you can move anything you want, as long as it is within the framework of the regulations of the country of origin.

Benefits of preferring land transport for the transfer of goods

Certainly, the options are many when it comes to importing and exporting goods, however, in many countries the overland option continues to be the most attractive for many traders, due to certain factors such as:

It is a more affordable service compared to others.

Thanks to the fact that lorries are smaller in size and do not require complex installations to transport the goods, the price of transport can be considerably reduced compared to other means of transport such as air or sea transport.

Antonio Marco will be able to offer you personalised quotes according to your requirements and needs. That way, you will be sure to pay only for the space used and according to the distance travelled.

More flexible timetables

Of course, drivers won’t spend days driving non-stop – clearly, they need to rest to avoid any inconvenience on the roads. However, these schedules are adjusted by the company itself and they will always try to reach the best agreement with the client in order to get the products to their destination on time.

Likewise, once the lorry with the goods has left, you can have a clear view of the entire route it has travelled, which is an excellent benefit when you want to avoid problems during the transport. All the trucks have a GPS so that the company and the client can evaluate their route and respond to any emergency call.