Let’s rephrase coworking & teamwork at AM

Nowadays, although there has indeed been an impasse in the last two years due to the pandemic, coworking has been one of the hot topics in the business world since the famous coworking spaces began to explode in the USA, Asia and finally in Europe at the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century. Open spaces that had all the tools to develop any offshore work, in them we can find from; start-ups, freelancers, to some offshore department of some SMEs.

What is coworking?

As we have mentioned above, the current jargon makes us think that coworking is just that space where individuals from different fields and different organisations work together in a certain space creating synergies that enhance their creativity. There was indeed a company we are all familiar with, WeWork, which was once valued at 50 billion dollars and which today records quarterly losses of 2 billion. Although the subject could lead us to write more than one post, let’s leave coworking spaces to one side and focus on coworking within the same organisation, Antonio Marco.

We could call this coworking within the same organisation when different departments cooperate to achieve a common good, an altruistic objective within the organisation. We have seen how the disruption that COVID-19 has brought to offices has meant an unprecedented increase in the number of offshore workers; tools such as teams, SharePoint, zoom, dropbox, among others. These have allowed us to remain connected to the environment, but we don’t know if the degree of cooperation has remained at the same level; we doubt it.

From coworking to teamwork in AM

As a logistics company, it is clear that interdepartmental cooperation is essential for effective work as a service company. Teamwork in a company like AM aims to coordinate different departments in an organised way to achieve a shared result. This work comes from a ”voluntary way” of working (explicitly), adding goodwill towards the task to be developed in order to achieve the common goal as a team.

What will this mix bring us into AM?

At Antonio Marco, as an international transport and logistics company, we firmly believe that; an open space that facilitates cooperation between departments, where there are organised groups for the execution of the task, with shared responsibility, we will manage to optimise the result in the desired way.