Startseite Blog 6 tips for choosing your transport company in Murcia and Alicante
6 tips for choosing your transport company in Murcia and Alicante

6 tips for choosing your transport company in Murcia and Alicante

9 von Mai von 2017 Firma A.M. Danke fürs Teilen:

Choosing a transport company in Murcia and Alicante is not an easy task. Responsibility is important and choices multiply nowadays. That is why we want to revise the important aspects to be taken into account for making the best choice:

Experience in the sector

Is it a company of new creation or has it a long history behind? Am I willing to risk choosing a company that I do not have references to? Would I rather rely on someone with a background?

Ask yourself these and other questions before you decide. This gives you an idea of the degree of commitment and responsibility available. Trusting a business with more than 50 years in the world of transport in Murcia and Alicante by road more than a risk is a safe bet, do not you think so?

Type of Goods

What type of products will be transported? Are they perishable or should they be kept in cold storage? Is it necessary for the merchandise to be stored in a large facility because of its volume? Do they need a temperature and humidity control?

These and other questions must be answered so that the maintenance and preservation of the merchandise always remains in perfect conditions. Therefore, having a dry storage warehouse and 7 cold storage rooms of 8.500m3 more than a whim is a necessity.


Where does your merchandise depart? How far should it travel? Is the destination national or international?

One important thing is that if your company is located for example in the Spanish Levante, the transport company is also located in this area ideally. This is our case, situated in Alicante and well connected with the main motorways. You also have to foresee the growth of your business, what if in the future you want to expand your business? Is it possible to carry out both international and national road routes in Spain? As a transport company in Murcia and Alicante we recommend that you do not put limits on the growth of your business and much less to your shipments.

Customer Support

Is the team ready? Will they help me if an incident arises? Do you act fast? Is the availability at the time of sending and receiving orders wide enough?

If all these questions are answered affirmatively, as in our case, you are making the right choice. In our transport company in Murcia and Alicante we respond definitely yes: the team is highly qualified, the service of loading and unloading of merchandise works 7 days a week, 24 hours and 365 days a year. Moreover, if the merchandise is rejected, we refit it and deliver it with absolute priority.


Is the cargo stored in a safe and secure place? Is there a Food Safety System? Is the transportation and logistics provider authorised by any certificate that guarantees compliance with quality and safety requirements throughout the supply chain?

For us, keeping the merchandise safe is a rule. That is why we have a Food Defense System supported by the IFS Logistics Certification, which guarantees trust and transparency throughout the entire process.


Does the company have GPS incorporated into its fleet? Can I be informed by the company, whenever I need it, where my merchandise is?

All these aspects, with the right answers, provide you with tranquility you are looking for.

In summary: how should you choose your transport company in Murcia and Alicante?

As we have seen, you have to take into account 6 aspects to be successful in your choice: the experience in the sector, the type of merchandise and its destination, the customer service provided the security in the process and the degree of digitalization or technology. Would you add some other? Tell us, we want to continue learning.




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