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The importance of the cold chain

The importance of the cold chain

18 von Mai von 2017 Logistik A.M. Danke fürs Teilen:

The main function of a refrigerated freight transport company is not only to take a product from point A to point B, but also to guarantee the cold chain of the goods we transport and for this we have to comply with a series of maximums:

• When we are ready to load the goods we should always pre-cool our refrigerator box.

• Before loading our load we must check that the temperature of the goods is correct, for instance we do not intend to load lettuces at 5ºC when they have a currently temperature higher than 10ºC. The cold blow can damage the product loaded.

• In fractionated loads never mix climatic products (higher respiration rate, shorter life cycle) with non-climacterics (lower respiration rate with a longer life cycle). For example: Apricot, climacteric, with Flower vegetables, non-climacteric.

• Finally we will have to take into account the stowage of the load as well as a correct ventilation.

Complying with these 4 main points we have detailed above, we guarantee our customer an adequate cold chain. Where the preservation and properties of the products have been continuously maintained throughout the transport process.




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