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The mountain ports...and the Winter

The mountain ports...and the Winter

24 von November von 2016 Firma A.M. Danke fürs Teilen:

The winter is coming as they say in ‘’Game of Thrones’’ and with it the mountain passes has just begun to seem colder places than greeny and welcoming as they used to be during the season spring-summer.

Companies which work in this sector of international transport we see each other involved in many type of consequences because of the arrival snow season. For example in the region of the swiss-italian-austrician Alps, maybe the most famous.

I’ll put you a case, when the company have a cargo to deliver in Austria and we’ve decided to take the italian route, where take us once we are in Italy from Milan, rounding Lake of Di Garda direction to Bolzano and finally we get into Austria.

Wonderful are the spots we can find ourselves during the journey however they are as dangerous, very careful to all who are in the road because we need more than two eyes with these weather conditions. Definetely the winter is already here although by the date we shouldn't be.

Here we leave you a link where you can watch a hard situation during the year 2014:

Massive car accident because of the snow and ice, Indiana 2014




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