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The most romantic vegetable

The most romantic vegetable

3 of March of 2017 Logistics A.M. Thanks for sharing:

I also like the Romanesque or as its scientific name calls it Brassica oleracea ... Today we would like to introduce you the most romantic vegetable in the market and probably one of the most unknown, although it is cultivated here, and much.

It is a plant of the group of brassica cabbages, related so closely with broccoli and cauliflower. Although we might think it is a hybrid born from these two, they are only family or better, cousins.

And how is the taste? Well, very similar to his two cousins (and is less flatulent, not bad at all). It is usually sweeter than cauliflower and less burdensome than broccoli, but for color tastes. However not always, it depends on the preparation. And, as happens with its relatives, admits many and very tasty recipes. Beginning with eating it raw, very clean of course, and with a splash of extra virgin olive oil to an infinity of recipes (here you have some of them) where we can use it, we know some with broccoli or cauliflower, then  guys, become romantic and add a little of this beautiful vegetable, taken from a comic, in your diet.

For fans of food properties, we do not even talk. If we listen to nutritionists, we would eat it almost every day: it is diuretic, anticancer, cardio-healthy, reduces cholesterol rate, has lots of vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, phosphorus ... As I said before, out of tale.




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