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Moving towards more sustainable energy

Moving towards more sustainable energy

19 von Mai von 2019 Firma A.M. Danke fürs Teilen:

Alicante, one of the regions of Spain with the most hours of daylight in Spain, and with an almost absurd potential for the use of the world's most consumed renewable energy, solar energy, our region continues to look from afar at those other areas where this investment is being prioritised. The problem has always resided in its useful life to make it profitable in the long term, its costs have been reduced considerably in recent years, and it begins to be attractive without the famous subsidies. We will leave behind any political criticism that has been so detrimental to its development in our region.

In Antonio Marco, we did not want to fall behind, so in 2019, we have launched our first phase of installation that we have already put into operation. We trust that this installation will help us to improve our levels of self-consumption, allowing us to generate cleaner energy, and at the same time help us to lay that first stone that always costs so much. 

The tendencies estimate a clear bullish position in the investment on this type of energies, and certainly, in our region, a better prospect from the administration would make everything much faster, but we cannot wait, we need to move first.




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