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Heat + Summer = Melon

Heat + Summer = Melon

1 of July of 2019 Logistics A.M. Thanks for sharing:

The Melon season has started at full capacity with a super production expected in the region of Murcia over 200,000 tonnes. The earliest recollections use to take place in the area of Aguilas and Mazarrón begins in May to move to the El Campo de Cartagena and finish in Lorca at the end of July. The predominant variety will continue to be Piel de Sapo, but as every year growers keep surprising us with different varieties to diversify production and explore new market niches, the competition is very high.

This fruit, or vegetable according to some, has dominated and permeated the summer gastronomy not only locally but also in Europe. Spain is in the TOP 3, as the third largest producer in the world behind only Iran and the United States. The curious fact is that more than 95% of Murcia's production is exported; Germany, France and the Netherlands are big demanders. The heat wave of last week has advanced plantations, but it has also boosted consumption. This low calorific fruit requires heat, where its high content of; water, vitamins B and C plus if we add that unique touch of sugar, we have a fruit that gives us the desired nutrients with the perfect flavour to sweeten our summer. We are clear this summer if anyone asks us 

 - What ice cream would you like?

 - No thanks, we'll have Melon.




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