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Risk management in frozen transport

Risk management in frozen transport

2 of July of 2020 Logistics A.M. Thanks for sharing:

The cold chain becomes more complicated when temperatures rise, and it turns critical. Frozen transport becomes increasingly important during the summer months when its volume grows in importance for freight forwarders of perishable goods.

Among its critical points we find; short delivery timings and high climatic conditions in peripheral countries, this increasingly force carriers to take greater control and care of his cooling equipment. So, high temperatures beside the increase in engine hours, due to working below -20ºC, are making a dent throughout the summer.

What do we consider key in Antonio Marco?

Drivers and the traffic manager gain importance because of the delicacy of the load and the handling of the cooling machine, plus the continuous information flow of the state of the goods required by the client.

We must understand that breakdowns can exist and without an excellent service with quick reactions on the road, they can complicate the preservation and delivery of the goods at the destination. Therefore, we consider it very essential to identify all the risks that can be caused during transportation. Among them, we deal with breakdowns due to mechanical issues in the cooling machine which can affect the load; from a lousy pre-cooling of the box to an incorrect setpoint of the device, or even thermography errors that do not reflect the accurate traceability of the goods. At Antonio Marco, we are clear that these three are maximums for the proper handling of possible breakpoints in the cold chain.




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