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The company’s garage: the work you often don’t see

The company’s garage: the work you often don’t see

8 of June of 2019 Company A.M. Thanks for sharing:

When we take a picture of a truck we usually say ''got a pretty one'', or even ''that truck looks marvellous'', for this, you have to go far beyond the truck itself, or the company as such. In Antonio Marco we believe in the role of the company’s garage as a critical factor in transport companies.

Through the garage, it is always the first to pass the truck when it arrives from his route; the driver delivers it, always in safe hands, and then our mechanical staff treats it according to priority. However, what do they have to manage with priority?  Mainly some unforeseen event during the trip, notes of the driver, if there is some checking to the Frigo, or they have to check the digital tachograph because several issues happened during the trip and so on. Besides many times it has to be done in record time, and there is not only one hahaha. All this without forgetting our ABC; Exterior Cleaning, Interior and Refuelling.

Now we are ready to leave again!

This process requires excellent coordination and communication among drivers, garage staff and the traffic department, in which many times unforeseen events and emergencies have to be handled, nonetheless we do what it takes to achieve the best outcome.

Thanks to our garage people for this vital work.




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