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Début Blog Mi DGT: we can carry our licence in our mobiles
Mi DGT: we can carry our licence in our mobiles

Mi DGT: we can carry our licence in our mobiles

20 de mars de 2020 Innovation A.M. Merci pour Partager:

The application allows any driver or vehicle owner the possibility of carrying both the driving license and other vehicle documentation on the mobile, as well as make some administrative management. These are still very minimal, but the DGT has a fairly ambitious plan that will be implemented gradually from the possibility of paying fines to the management of most procedures that we have to do today in the traffic headquarters.

Once I download the app, I need to register for it. My DGT asks us to identify ourselves, using the Cl@ve system. What is this system? cl@ve is the secure identification platform to interact electronically with the General State Administration. How do I get it? We need to register in person at some of the registration offices, or we can also do it online, using a recognized electronic certificate, this is where you can find the biggest roadblock due to the procedure is not that fast yet. We drop you this link where you can see how to do it online.

Once we have our credential, the application gives us different options to access:

  1. Electronic ID or electronic certificate: to do so, it will be necessary to install the electronic certificate in the smartphone, something quite simple to do.
  2. Using a 24 hour PIN, which is the easiest way to test the application, since we only have to enter the ID, the expiration date and a code that comes via SMS.
  3. Using a permanent password, more suitable for those users who often access the Administration's electronic services.

What we have available today in the app and what other fields will be covered soon:

Let's start with the initial screen.

- Having your driving licence on your mobile phone.

- Having the driving licence and the electronic datasheet of your vehicle, as well as consulting the main data of your vehicles such as MOT, insurance, environmental label...

- Check your point balance.

- Consult and update the contact details and address that are in the DGT's records.

- Receive notices and alerts of interest

- Access to relevant traffic and road safety news.

 And here the new functionalities that will be incorporated gradually:

- Make an appointment at the nearest office.

- Obtaining the vehicle report.

- Notice and payment of penalties.

- Identification of the driver in case of a report.

- Verification of official documents

- Communication of the regular driver of the vehicle.

- Consult examination notes.

- Vehicle registration.

- Transfer of vehicles between individuals.

The idea is quite innovative, as well as ambitious, in the coming months, we will be commenting on how it is deploying and perceived by all of us.

Drive safe and carefully.




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