Conservación de la patata

We can help you with the storage, transport and preservation of watermelon and all kinds of fruits. This is a large fruit, more or less spherical, which is usually consumed raw as a dessert. We are talking about a fruit widely known worldwide for being a very refreshing food, which provides very few calories to the body.

Origin and varieties of watermelon

The origin of this fruit comes from Africa, from where it spread to Europe, dispersing throughout the Mediterranean. Later, it reached Asia and America. Currently, Asia is the main watermelon producing continent.
Mainly we distinguish multiple varieties of watermelon, according to the shape, color, size… We will highlight those that we consider the most relevant in the Spanish market, from the perspective of Antonio Marco’s customers:

  • Perla Negra: it is a variety of rounded fruit and early cycle, with dark green rind.
  • Imperial: medium-late cycle and rounded variety, with light green-dark green striped rind.
  • Klondike rayada: early-cycle, elongated variety, with green bark with dark green marbling.
  • Congo: medium-late cycle variety, elongated, with light green bark.
  • Queen of hearts: seedless variety, rounded shape and light green color.

Transporte de la sandía

Season and harvesting of watermelons for later preservation

This vegetable is available during the summer months, from May to September, since it is not possible to preserve it for a long time. It is true that the use of cold storage is very important for the preservation of fruits in periods of low demand or oversupply.

As far as watermelon harvesting in Spain is concerned, we encounter different diseases and problems:

  • Diseases:
    • Fungi
    • Bacteria
  • Problems:
    • Chilling damage
    • Ethylene damage

Here are some key measures for cold storage of watermelon.

Watermelon storage for distribution

The importance of a logistic warehouse for the conservation of watermelon is key. This fruit is very important for all cold storage companies in the Levante area. With around 226,000 tons produced, Spain is the second largest watermelon exporter in the world.

Countries such as China, the United States, Iran and Turkey have gained weight in the European market, where they are supported by logistic warehouses where watermelon is stored in cold storage to extend its shelf life, and then be distributed at times when Spanish production does not meet the demand.

Watermelon, a perishable food, requires a storage temperature between 2-10°C, and a relative humidity of 85-90%, depending on the customer’s requirements, this may vary. A key element in the good preservation of watermelon is to reach the right temperature as soon as possible. Low temperatures and high relative humidity reduce water loss, and in turn reduce the development of pathogens, helping to extend the life of the watermelon.

Watermelon transport in Spain and the rest of Europe

Watermelon is a commodity whose main export destinations tend to be the:

  1. Watermelon transport, Spain to France
  2. Transport of watermelon, Spain to Germany
  3. Transport of watermelon, Spain to Netherlands
  4. Transport of watermelon, Spain to Belgium
  5. Transport of watermelon, Spain to Italy

The ideal temperature for the transport of watermelon is between 2-10ºC continuously, although it is true that watermelon does not suffer much from temperature changes in the short term. The transport companies of Alicante and Murcia are focused on the transport of watermelon to international markets. We are companies that are close to the product, thanks to our know-how and our years of experience.

We have seen that temperature-controlled storage is key, but this work will mean nothing if we do not carry out an optimal refrigerated transport of goods. Antonio Marco is clear that its logistics in Alicante is more than prepared to carry out this task, thanks to its alicante logistics center located in Granada, Alicante. Antonio Marco is a company that can develop the activities of: transport, storage and conservation of watermelon.


In Antonio Marco we can help you with the transport and conservation of watermelon with guarantee and a good service.